Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Blog

This blog will function as a conduit between students in Dr. Hanewicz's Singularity course at UVU (hence the name, SINGU[VU]LARITY). This blog, for now, will be public - and will remain as such for as long as posts and comments continue to be insightful - with a few of the students in the class posting thoughts, images, videos, theories, summaries of readings/class/discussions/etc... and anybody can comment on such posts.

As part of the learning experience, I hope to also organize a weekly coffee night for the Singularity course, and also a set of paper presentation/workshop sessions later in the semester. If you are interested in attending and participating in any of these three things (blog, coffee/discussion sessions, paper presentation/workshop sessions) please let me know.

Please post and comment as much as you like, there's never a shortage of information out there.

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